I don’t even know who Mozart is.

Thought of the Day

We make a living by what we get.  We make a life by what we give.  

I’m sharing something today that moves me on many levels.  The messages in the attached video linger.  I say messages because there are more than one.  Just like onions -and Shrek- the themes found here have layers.

If you want to contemplate the cross cultural and enduring impact of music, watch this video.

If you’d like to witness the substantial impact of a vision to spread hope to an entire community, watch this video.

If you want to see how that vision can extend its reach to communities worldwide, watch this video.

If you’re convinced that children are made better and can avert the perils of youth through cultural diversity and engaging, mindful distractions, watch this video.

If you’ve doubted that you can make an impact on the world with very humble and meager offerings, watch this video.   You don’t have to know who Mozart is to share in and spread the beauty of his music.

If you’ve ever complained that your life is tough because your $14 hamburger came out of the restaurant kitchen rare instead of medium rare, watch this video.  #perspectiveiseverything

Finally, if you’ve ever wrestled with an enormous amount of crap in your everyday life and wondered how you could ever turn those piles of garbage into beautifully flawed symphonies, watch this video.

The messages don’t stop here and you might find yourself watching this a couple of times to glean some more.  Enjoy.

The Landfill Harmonic

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  1. Loren November 15, 2013 at 12:23 am #

    I don’t know why it took me so long to see this but WOW.

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